AfterGlow - An Erotic Short Story

"As I made my way down the FDR Jennifer loosened her seat belt and unzipped my pants unveiling as she puts it my ginormous cock with it beautiful pink head and places it in her warm mouth, sucking and slurping as I try very hard not to step on the brakes every time she deep throat it. She has full soft plush lips amazing white teeth a strong jaw line and a hell of a deed throat. With my cock in her mouth she looks up at me, with one finger I removed her beautiful hair from her face, her eyes fixed one me, her lips moist and shiny. “cum in my mouth daddy, let me taste you” she whispers as she strokes my cock with a firm grip, as soon as she places my cock back in her mouth I feel a surge of sensations likened to that of the thrust of the Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S as the pedal hits the floor releasing my 523 hp @ 6500 tmp from zero to 60mph in 4.2 seconds bypassing her delectable mouth directly down her throat. Jennifer began to Suck faster as my legs trembles, my midsection squeezed tightly and a loud whimpering arggghh sound, similar to the Torque released from the GTS, she covers my mouth with her hands and I shake uncontrollably."

Written by thewatcher33

As You Wish

In the early hours of sunrise on a beautiful summer morning in our Peach orchid, as the warmth and light of sun rises with its rays of red, orange, and yellow falls from behind me and onto the leaves making the hidden visible, as my eyes gazes upward what is that beholding to my blurry eyes slowly coming into focus, the sun has revealed this deliciously ripened peach, moistened by the morning dew. As I looked around it seemed like it was the only peach of its kind in the entire orchid kissed by the awakening sunlight.

With arms stretched upward and as I tipped toed reaching as high as I could, trying to grab ahold of this wonderful surprise, “ugghhhh” frustrated I am not able to grab my morning meal.

Suddenly a soft whisper is heard “Jump”, so I did, and alas I was able to pluck what at that time seemed was meant for me.

A second whisper is heard “geeesh!” “I was waiting for you to place me in your tender hands so I could feel the embrace of your loving touch, now do with me as you wish.” With a widened grin to myself I uttered the words “I could eat a peach for hours,” as I made my way from the orchid to prepare my morning meal. Anxious to lick the syrupy sweet taste from my dripping fingers, those last few whispering words seemed to resonate over and over in my mind.

“Do with me As You Wish.”

Written by thewatcher33

Twista - It's Yours [feat. Tia London] [Explicit]