Aventura - Por Un Segundo

Jesse Powell - You
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How you gonna act like that, how you gonna listen to those lonely ass, miserable bitches you call friends, so what I can’t keep my hands off you, so what every time I see you I wanna lay up inside your tight, moist, warm and fleshy plush cunt, so what I eat your pussy anywhere, anyplace, shit sometimes I take the red light special clit play only, so what my hands are constantly grabbing and squeezing your phat firm ass, curvy hips and thighs, so what I wanna kiss you all the time, SOOO WHAT I can’t keep my excitement and passion for you hidden.. SOOOO FUCKING WHAT… DEM Bitches you fuck with are lonely as fuck, horny and jealous, with no man, always complaining, maybe if they would take their asses to the gym, dress a little sexier, shave the hair from under their fucking arm pits, legs, pussy and forearms, they would have a man that is totally and completely in love with them, so that, that man would not last a day without them, cause wifey, I know I won’t last a second, a minute, an hour or a day without you.. SO, SO FUCKING WHAT!

followed by Flex and a loud scream AAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!


Written by thewatcher33


Beyonce & Shakira - Beautiful Liar

Make yourself at home

It’s 3am in the morning she is banging on my door, I opened it and asked “what is it that you want”. She replies “look, I have never met a man like you, you are everything I have never had but always dreamt of having, and now you are here, I can’t let you go. I knew you in my dreams, strangers who met, became friends, best friends, amazing lovers and I have falling madly in love with you. Believe me baby I am the woman which you seek”. So, I said with wild excitement beaming on my face “tell me why you feel you are the one for me”, she replies “cause I’m pretty with big beautiful brown eyes, dimples, pink full luscious lips, voluptuous breast with nipple piercings, small waist, heart shaped firm backside, thick thighs, pierced clitoris, and I’m a screamer/squirter. You’ve seen me naked, you know I’m built like a tattooed Goddess, plus I can cook and I can suck a mean cock”. hmmmm this is a no brainer so, I said “come right in baby and make yourself at home”.

Written by thewatcher33

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